My Philosophy

Whenever a person has a problem which requires a legal solution, it’s a good idea to have an attorney represent you. Part of the attorney’s job is to stand between you and the opposing side in the matter, helping to create some space and time in which the problem can be resolved.

Conflict in a family creates stress for the parents and the children. Being involved in a divorce or in a custody/placement dispute can be a difficult time for everyone. Because of that, my goal in representing an individual is to make this hard time easier. I think this can be done, in part, by giving my clients a realistic assessment of the facts of the case, how the law will likely apply to those facts, and what is possible to achieve. If children are involved in the matter, their needs must be put first, before those of the parents. When agreements can be reached, they should be, because this benefits the children. When a hearing or trial is necessary, then that is the right path to follow.

My fees are reasonable. I am always willing to discuss payment plans.