Collaborative Divorce Law

Collaborative Divorce Law is a team approach to problem solving. Both parties actively choose to participate in a process in which a team of professionals works with the couple to solve the legal, financial and emotional issues raised by their decision to separate. If the couple has children, then those issues understandably expand.

The goal is to solve the legal problems and recast the couple’s relationships in the most positive way possible.

Each person chooses a lawyer and a “coach” (a mental health professional). To complete the team, a financial specialist is added, and if there are children, a child specialist is added (a therapist whose expertise includes child development).

The couple remains in control of the process, each advised by his or her own attorney and coach, using the expertise of the specialists along the way.

This approach can be cost-effective because every team member’s efforts are focused on problem-solving, not on preparing for and going to court to reach a resolution.

The professionals chosen are trained in the Collaborative Law process, and all are committed to that model of resolving the couple’s issues.

For detailed information on this process, please see the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin’s website.